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New treatment: StemSource® stem cell bank introduced for the first time in Japan (for cryopreservation of adipose tissue-derived stem cells)

Cosmetic Surgery Seishin (Seishin Regenerative Medicine Tokyo) has recently introduced StemSource® stem cell bank, Japan’s first cryopreservation service for adipose tissue-derived stem cells.

StemSource® stem cell bank

The StemSource® stem cell bank (cryopreservation system for adipose tissue-derived stem cells) is an advanced medical treatment service in which stem cells collected from your fat are stored frozen in a nitrogen tank at −150°C and will be used for the treatment of diseases, rejuvenation, and breast reconstruction in the future. All cells including stem cells age over time, and thus it is important to store stem cells when you are young and healthy.

Flowchart of StemSource® Stem Cell Bank

Clinical studies have been conducted on stem cell-based therapies for intractable diseases and other disorders worldwide, and efficacy has been demonstrated. Cryopreservation of stem cells collected while you are healthy serves as a kind of insurance; those cells will be used for therapy when you fall ill in the future. Stem cells are stored frozen at −150°C without mycoplasma contamination. Under strict control, those cells are safely stored for a long period of time.

Clinical studies

Efforts at our clinicCosmetic Surgery Seishin and Seishin Regenerative Medicine are working to establish a new therapeutic system by integrating regenerative medicine, which maximizes the self-regeneration ability, and cosmetic medicine. We have been contributing to the development of regenerative medicine while providing Celution® System-based transplantation of adipose tissue-derived stem cells and cosmetic regenerative medicine such as PRP therapy.

Regenerative medicine has recently been studied worldwide. Its continued progress requires not only specialized institutions, such as university hospitals, but also facilities in your backyard that provide regenerative medicine to ordinary people. As health care professionals, our clinic should be responsible for contributing to the development of regenerative medicine. As a first step in establishing such an environment, we introduced the StemSource® Stem Cell Bank (cryopreservation system for adipose tissue-derived stem cells) with the potential to treat a variety of intractable diseases. This is a cell-storage service in which young stem cells will be used for the treatment of diseases and anti-aging in the future.

The establishment of a stem cell bank requires the following three components: advanced technology for liposuction, technology and equipment for effective extraction of adipose tissue-derived stem cells, and facilities and a system for the safe storage of cells. There are not many facilities that meet the three requirements. Our clinic has established those facilities by making full use of 16 years of experience and expertise as well as our achievements in regenerative medicine.

The StemSource® Stem Cell Bank should allow physicians and all other personnel to increase their awareness and contribute to the development of regenerative medicine beyond the boundaries of cosmetic medicine.

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