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stemsource® Stem Cell Bank

Collection of stemm cellsStemSource® Stem Cell Bank (cryopreservation system for adipose tissue-derived stem cells) is a service in which stem cells collected from your fat are stored frozen in a nitrogen tank at −150°C and will be used for the treatment of diseases, rejuvenation, and breast reconstruction in the future.
Clinical studies have been conducted on a variety of therapies using the ability of stem cells to reproduce themselves and transform (differentiate) into specific cells, and the efficacy has been demonstrated. In addition to adipose tissue-derived stem cells, other types of stem cells are known: embryonic stem (ES) cells that are collected from human embryos (fertilized eggs) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells that are prepared by transferring genes into somatic cells such as human skin cells and the amnion. The former uses fertilized eggs and raises ethical problems, and the latter uses a cancer-related gene and has a problem of an increased incidence of cancer. Our stem cell bank uses your adipose tissue-derived stem cells and is free of those risks. Celution® 900/MB System used in our stem cell bank automatically separates, cleans, concentrates, and extracts effective, reliable adipose tissue-derived stem cells that are ready for storage in approximately one hour. Cells are stored frozen at −150°C with no risk of mycoplasma contamination. This system allows safe storage for a long period of time under strict control.


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